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  • Home set up program
    This program helps struggling families in the Houston area by providing emergency clothing and household essentials free of charge to families with substantiated needs.
  • Dress for Success

    Our Dress for success program is designed to assist members of our community to put their “best foot forward” in obtaining employment.  

    We help people in our community who don’t have the means to dress properly for either a job interview or for their first day of work.  We also assist young people in special groups (Alcoholics Anonymous, etc.), to orientate themselves to living and working in the Greater Houston Area. Our goal is to help build self esteem and boost confidence.
  • First Aid Classes
    This program is designed to address a crucial need for every family. First Aid knowledge allows you to be prepared in the event of an emergency situation.
  • Bilingual Classes

    This program is for individuals that need to learn English as a second language.  

    We also have a program created for English speaking individuals so that they can take advantage of the financial opportunities offered in the Spanish speaking community. This program would be beneficial for healthcare professionals, store owners and entrepreneurs.
  • Vehicle maintenance classes
    Cars play an important part in our economic well being.  Learn the essential techniques that will allow you to maintain your vehicle: how to check oil, how to check all the other fluids in your car, how to change flat tires and how to check air pressure. We also cover the various methods to enable you to cope in emergency situations such as a flood or an accident.
  • Transportation
    We can provide or arrange for transportation for those in need within the Greater Houston Area. Contact us for more information.